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Ladies can have fun too! Invite Andrea to your next conference, retreat, luncheon, or mother-daughter tea! She offers a varitey of topics and levels of spiritual depth as you will see when you scroll down to check out the descriptions. You'll love her inspirational and informational style. Need proof? Click on What Others Are Saying and get the scoop. For more information, contact Andrea at andrea@andreastephens.com

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Absolute Etiquette classes for girls!
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Divine Divas!
Here’s the inside scoop on some awesome (and not so awesome) women in the Bible and what we can learn from them. You’ll be blessed and encouraged by the ups and downs in their   lives and how God used them in spite of it all!

Shine Like a B.A.B.E: Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant!®
Gain the understanding that you were created on purpose and for a purpose.  Learn God’s perspective on beauty, why His acceptance changes everything, what gifts/talents He has blessed you with, and begin to discover the eternally significant adventures He has planned just for you!  Then you will be set free to be the God-designed woman you were created to be and shine brightly for Jesus!

Winning The Beauty Battle!
Wrinkles! Age spots! Cellulite! Flabby arms!  Can a woman really beat the media’s messages about looking good? Yes, and the first step is knowing the scriptural definition of genuine attractiveness.  Every woman can successfully develop the beauty qualities (fruit) of the Holy Spirit in her life.  Learn the secret weapons needed to conquer the inner tug-of-war between the beautiful you and the ugly you (flesh vs. Spirit).  Guaranteed results or your money back!

Holding Tight Through the Tough Times
Ever wonder where God is when life gets tough?  Ever ask yourself why He allows you or your loved ones to experience painful circumstances?  Ever need help holding onto your faith when you can’t make sense of God’s plan?  Andrea understands.  After a twelve-year struggle with infertility and the tragic loss of her sister, she has learned how to hold on to the Lord and come through the trials of her life with her faith intact.  The key?  Truly trusting God and saying “yes” to the tough times in life so you will gain a deeper understanding of God’s ways, allowing them to shape you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus.  Hear her story, look into the scriptures, and be strengthened to face whatever comes into your life.

All That You Need
Take a closer look at the seven “I AM” statements of Christ from the Gospel of John.  What will you see?  That Jesus really is all you need.  He alone is the bread of life, the light of the world, the door to heaven, the good Shepherd, the resurrection, the truth, and the true vine. Discover how “who Jesus is” can meet your spiritual, physical, and emotional needs in this life…and the next!

Filling Up Your Friendship Cup!
Good friends are like fat thighs—they always stay in touch!  There are three important friends we each need to keep in touch with:  others, ourselves, and the Lord. Learn how to build lasting friendships with others, how to befriend yourself by embracing unique God-designed you, and how to discover the biblical secrets to being called a “friend of God” (just like Abraham)!  You can live a fun and fulfilling life by filling up these vital friendship cups.

The New You!
This study from the book of Colossians will give you a God’s-eye view of who you are because of your connection to Christ.  You’ll see what Jesus has done for you and be impacted by a greater understanding of your qualification, your rich inheritance, your rescue, your big transfer, your total redemption, and your life-giving forgiveness.  Whew!

Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts!
Identifying and defining the spiritual gifts found in Ephesians, Romans, and 1 Corinthians will help you recognize your gift(s), put them to use, and increase your effectiveness for God’s Kingdom.  These perfect presents, given by God on your spiritual birthday will open up a whole new world as you fulfill God’s plans for you.

Wearing Out the Leather!
Get some simple, effective ways to learn and apply the scriptures for yourself.  These helpful hints will spice up and deepen your study times with the Lord.  The Bible will truly become your handbook to life!

First Steps!
Want to get excited about your decision to follow Jesus? It can happen with this overview of what every new believer needs to know! Topics include assurance of salvation through Jesus Christ, knowing your Heavenly Father, discovering the Spirit-led life, Bible 101, having an effective prayer life, resisting temptation, and the joys of obedience.

You and Your Girl!
Get tips on how to understand and increase connectedness between you and your teen daughter.  You’ll laugh and cry, but it’s worth the work to see what God can do as you grow together in this special relationship.

Pre-teen, teen, college girls (material adjusted for age):
The B.A.B.E. Event: Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternally Significant!  This life-changing event will leave young women feeling jazzed about being the persons God has created them to be and using their gifts and talents to live for Him.  It’s both esteem boosting and perspective changing!

Being YOU and Loving It!  Comparing yourself to others can leave you feeling downright depressed.  Don’t do that, girlfriend!  Discover the special ingredients God used to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable young woman: YOU!  It really is possible to love yourself and love your life! 
The Boyland Event!  Learning to understand the uniqueness (weirdness) of guys, developing lasting friendships (instead of romantic relationships during the teen years), and preparing to be a great “catch” is the focus of this event.
What’s Up with HER? Moms can say and do things that leave you feeling embarrassed, annoyed, or crazy mad—right?  Get valuable insight on how to respect and respond to your mom in ways that will make God, her, and YOU happy!