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The Andrea Stephens Story

  On a Professional Note Bio

The B.A.B.E. Journey

Once upon a time, there was a small town girl who grew up loving fashion, make-up, and glittery jewelry. As a teen she had star-struck eyes! She either wanted to be Miss America or on the cover of Vogue!

Okay, this is not really a fairy tale, it’s my life.

I went for the pageant thing first. I polished up my guitar performance, improved my grades, read up on current events, and entered the Junior Miss Scholarship Program. I finished second in the state pageant. A few years later, I entered the Miss Oklahoma Pageant. Second, again! Therefore, not being a state winner with obligations, I switched gears and prepared for a modeling convention scheduled for later that summer! Well, the Miss America dream was put on hold because the trip to New York City won me a contract with Wilhelmina Models, Inc.

I was thrilled. I packed my bags and moved to the city a few weeks later.

I was ready. I settled into a small apartment with several other models then took to the streets for my go-sees (that’s model talk for the word “interview”, you’d go-see if you were the right person for the job) and photo shoots.

I learned quite quickly that ad agents and photographers have no problem telling you if they don’t like your appearance. “We’re searching for someone with a different look.” Or “The end of your nose is too rounded.” Or “We don’t like the way your neck curves or the size of your teeth.” Really, nothing was off limits for these people!

After a while I noticed I started to be unsure of myself. It seemed my confidence was slipping away. Questions surfaced. Is this shirt right for me? Is my rear getting big? Does my make-up look good? Is my hair hip enough? Why would anyone want to hire me? Should I get this mole on my cheek removed? Do I have enough money for breast implants?

Even though in the short time I had been in New York I had landed a commercial, been on several smaller magazine covers, and in some catalogs, it wasn’t enough to off-set the negative comments and the comparisons. My sensitive nature soaked them right in. I felt that almost everything about me was wrong. Inadequate. Not good enough.

At the same time, God was using my modeling experience to show me that he had a different plan for my life; a plan that would amount to more than just having my smiling face promoting a product or gracing a magazine cover. This was something that would be much bigger than a supermodel or an A-list actress. It would be a plan that would have heart—His heart!

It was time to move home.

Yet it seemed to be the worst possible timing. I had just finished my composite card and I was about to be officially introduced to the market in the Wilhelmina head book. My roommates thought I was nuts. “What could be more important than attaining superstar status or making some big bucks?” they argued. “Besides, you’re signed with a great agency, you’re working with a famous acting coach, and your vocal trainer’s the best.” They almost had me convinced. But as I watched one light up a joint, one mix a drink, and one pop her birth control pill, it just confirmed my inner conviction that God wanted something better for me.

The second week after I moved home, I was handed information about a one-year Bible training program. I knew it was for me. Though I had been a believer since I was young, I had never really studied God’s Word. In fact, I didn’t get my first Bible until I was sixteen. Since my future was going to be about God’s plans for me, knowing His Word was core. Yet little did I know that this would change my life most dramatically.

As I studied the Word, I discovered many verses that explained God’s view and opinion of me. I found out He created and designed me in a way that delighted him. To Him, I was beautiful. I learned that I didn’t have to look or act perfect for Him to love me. He accepted me. And He gave me talents and spiritual gifts that He wanted me to develop so I could use them to serving Him. I am blessed by Him. And about that plan I mentioned earlier, it was starting to play out before my eyes. No flashy stuff that was here today and gone tomorrow. God’s plan for me is eternally significant. From God’s perfect perspective, I was a B.A.B.E.—not a sexy, flirty, chick who wanted all the guys to like her, but a real B.A.B.E! And it is His perspective and opinion that matters!

See, He had to heal my self-esteem with the truth of His Word before He could call me to help heal yours. Many of the experiences God has taken me through have been part of His preparation to bring me to this point right now.

I have been teaching these truths for many years. But for the first time, God has brought them together under the acronym B.A.B.E. for such a time as this. I have seen your generation struggle with depression, eating disorders, cutting, alcohol and drug addiction, casual sex, and hopelessness. I believe these are all symptoms of low self-esteem. They are holding many young women back from becoming all God has meant for them to be.

Well, not anymore.

Life will change when you finally see yourself the way God sees you. It is my life mission to help teen girls (and women) get a new perspective on life, on themselves, on God. I am so blessed to be able to invest my life into the lives of God’s girls through writing, speaking, and mission trips.

To every person who reads this, YOU are a B.A.B.E.! I prove it to you in the first of the B.A.B.E. Book Series, Girlfriend, You are a B.A.B.E.! It’s not based on feelings or social standards. It’s based on the unchanging truth in God’s Word.

So, if you don’t have a copy of the book, order one today and get started!

Oh, by the way. God calls us to imitate Jesus. So I am (and so are you) a model! Just a different kind. Isn’t God cool?

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On A Professional Note...

You will enjoy the fun, informational, and inspirational writing and speaking style of Andrea Stephens. As she shares nuggets of truth from God’s Word, she makes the Scriptures applicable in practical ways that can be applied to everyday life!

Andrea is presently the Director of The Beautifully Created Program, an inner and outer beauty course for teen girls. She also teaches Little Miss Manners and Young Gents etiquette classes for kids. Several years ago she developed The B.A.B.E. Event ™ Series. In this popular one-day ‘chick-chat’ with teens, Andrea draws on her personal experience as a former professional model to teach teen girls (and women) that true beauty comes from a heart that belongs to the Lord. Yes, God thinks they are B.A.B.E.s!

(Click on The B.A.B.E. Event ™ to get the full scoop).

Andrea counts it a privilege to be the Beauty Editor for BRIO Magazine (Focus On The Family’s publication for teen girls). For the past twelve years she has addressed everything from acne attacks to eye shadow application to exercise tips in her LeGlamour column. She is also the BRIO Girl Search Coordinator, heading up a team of judges who read 1000’s of applications, in search of a girl who will serve as a role model to over 300,000 of her BRIO sisters!

As a writer and speaker, Andrea’s heartwarming and winsome style is enjoyed by many. She takes nuggets of God’s Word, helps them to come alive, and uses them to challenge others in their walk with the Lord. Andrea is the author of twelve books for teens including the award-winning God Thinks You’re Positively Awesome and True Beauty: The Inside Story and Happy Thoughts For Bad Hair Days. Andrea's most recent book, Stuff A Girl's Gotta Know, hit the market in February, 2003. Andrea is looking forward to the upcoming release of The B.A.B.E. Book Series for teen girls. (You can order her books from this website!). Over 100 of her articles have appeared in publications such as Focus On The Family, Pastor’s Family, Brio, Breakaway, Teen Quest, Kern County Family Magazine, and The Bakersfield Californian.

Speaking for teens and women at retreats, conferences, camps, bible studies, mother/daughter events, and BABE Events is a treat for Andrea. She has enjoyed being part of the Life On The Edge Tour (a parent-teen conference sponsored by Focus On The Family). She is especially gifted at encouraging others in their relationship with the Lord. Andrea has recently accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Ministry Wives Network International. Currently finishing a degree in Biblical Studies, Andrea is a C.L.A.S.S. Graduate and has completed The Billy Graham School of Evangelism.

For more information:

E-mail Andrea at info@andreastephens.com
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1. What were you like as a teen?

Shy, quiet, creative (crafts and painting), and reflective, yet confident enough to be in school musicals and pageants. I did however make the horrible mistake of taking dance classes and being in the recital. I had missed several rehearsals because I was student director of the school play, so during the recital when the other ballerina’s spun to the left, I would spin to the right. You get the picture.

2. Did you always plan on being a writer?

I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember—recording facts, feelings, and events. But with modeling on my mind, I didn’t recognize this
gift that God was developing in me. But when God opened the door for me to write my first book, Beautifully Created: A Young Woman’s Guide to Inner and Outer Beauty, I found that it came out naturally.

3. What was your favorite modeling job?

Since I started at 14, I can think of many. But one that stands out is a runway show at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. I was wrapped in a cape made of various colors of dyed mink. The matching hat was exotic, too. Plus the crowd was huge and having a good time.

4. Do you have a teen daughter?

No! It was not God’s plan for me to have kids. That has been a painful reality. Yet, through my books and seminars, I feel like I am helping to parent teen girls.

5. What’s in your CD player most often?

It’s a constant switching between Nicole Nordeman, Ginny Owen, and great worship music. I find these two singer/songwriters touch deep places in my soul and spirit. Of course, I love tons of other artists like Natalie Grant, Joy Williams, Superchic[k], and more. Ultimately though, I could not survive without worship.
It keeps me focused on God and His Word. It keeps me grateful to Him. It helps me keep daily life in perspective.
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Andrea Stephens loves Jesus, the Word, teen girls, and her Bobbi Brown Lip Palette (Papaya Shimmer is her favorite). This former pageant girl, model with Wilhelmina Models, Inc. in NYC, and youth director, holds a degree in Biblical Studies and now teaches/writes for  women/teen girls (16 books so far). Andrea travels the country presenting The B.A.B.E. Event (Beautiful, Accepted, Blessed, Eternal®) and Being YOU and Loving It!   She squeezes in her mom/daughter talk What’s Up with Her? and speaks at conferences/retreats for women. She is passionate about discipleship, missions, and the God-given potential in every woman/teen girl. She enjoys being BRIO Magazine’s Beauty Editor (Focus on the Family), painting seascapes in oil, pepperoni pizza, and the incredible scent coming from the gardenia bush in her backyard.

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